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Emil Thomas bull rider and army reservist

Emil's Bio

Emil's Bio
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This is the page where I'll tell a little about me

Name: Carl Emil Thomas

Age: 17

Weight: 166

Hieght: 6'1

Living in: Livermore, Ca

Grade: took GED

Rodeo connection: Bull Rider

Member of: norcal, ncbra, chsra

Achievements: won bill lynn invitational and got 600 bucks and a bull rope, made it to nationals in ncbra but couldnt go, went to finals every year i've been doing riding

How long have I been in competing: 4 years

Favorite sport to watch: Bull Riding

How long have i been around horses: about 5 or 6 years and loving it

Horses Name: Mavrick

How much is worth competing for: anything

What is the funniest thing that happened to you:
geting thrown off one of my moms horses and hit a fence post and
my mom's horse tryed to eat my hair when i had a mohawk

What kind of awards do you prefer: belt buckle and check

What is the hardest thing for you to overcome:
I whould have to say learning to be responsible and getting entry forms
Getting there to sign-ins early

Do i have a lucky peice of clothing: yes my riding boot, and my shrits

sponsors: Arroyo Trucking and scott bedford farms

thanks for visiting and GIT-r-DUN