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Emil Thomas bull rider and army reservist

Sponsorship Letter

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Sponsorship Letter
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Livermore, CA 94551

To whom it may concern:

My name is Emil Thomas. I'm a 17-year-old bull rider and I'm looking for sponsors. I was ranked 7th in Northern California Junior Rodeo Association (NORCAL) in 2004 and 2005 i was ranked thrid. I also ride for the California High School Rodeo team - District 4, so far this year I'm ranked 5th for C.H.S.R.A. I also ride in Northern california bull riders association i was ranked 3rd in 2005. I have rode professional bulls before. With a little help I would love to ride in the PBR (professional bull riders). I have attended Sankey Rodeo School and I had a coach and trainer, Kenneth Barfield a three-time all-round rodeo champion. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2004. I still need more training, and riding practice, thus the purpose of this letter.

If you sponsor me I will:

- wear a shirt or jacket with your company's logo on it.

- make appearances in your advertisements

- make an appearance at a company function.

- I would also put your logo on my vest, helmet and/or chaps

- I will also present you with a plaque with my picture for your office/reception area

- I will also hand out company brochures/bessniuse cards at the rodeos and practice pens I ride at.

It would be an honor for me to put your company/business on my vest, helmet and/or chaps. All I ask is for you to contribute money or gear (helmet, shirt, boots, spurs, jeans, gloves, rosin, bull rope, mouth piece and vest) even though I have gear it wears quickly, and you can never have enough. I will promote your company at all the rodeos for that Year. The sponsorship will end at the end the rodeo season and it will go for all the rodeo associations that I compete in. Thank you for taking the time to consider sponsoring me in my pursuit of joining the PBR.

With Best Regards,

Emil Thomas

If you have any questions about this letterplease feel free to email me at

sponsorship letter
Created by Emil Thomas

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