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Emil Thomas bull rider and army reservist

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Welcome to my site...

This site well tell you about me (Emil Thomas).

I'm a senior bull rider and in three years I hope on joining the PBR (pro bull riders association). I ride in Nor-cal Junior Rodeo Association, Northern California bull riders association, and California High School Rodeo Association

On March 10 of 2006, I signed my contract for the UNITED STATES ARMY Reserves.I well be shiped out on july 5th to FORT KNOX in Kentucky for my nine weeks of boot camp. Then I will be shiped to FORT SAM HOUSTON in Texas for my job training in operating room specialist. Because i signed my army contract in the begining of the year i will be taking the season off from bull riding.

I wanted to make this site to let people get to know me, this site will have up coming rodeos, results, photos, news, and anything else that I think you may like.

photos will be list at another website just click on the link and it will take you to a photo album just click view photos and you will see them

What's New?

~to see how I did look a rodeo dates page

~norcal season getting ready to start

~signed contract with army

~takin the year off

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Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.
you can contact me at

thanks for visiting and GIT-r-DUN